Our farm, Kularee, at Joadja, Southern Highlands of NSW is a labour of love and a passion of ours to grow garlic that is free of any chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Each season all generations of our family come and pitch in to hand sow, weed and harvest. It's back to basics family fun. Ok, maybe that is pushing it, but harvest week is all about family, friends good food and a bit of hard work. 

We have grown our garlic from locally sourced seed stock, selecting varieties that are suited to the unique climate of the Southern Highlands,NSW, (740 mtr elevation). As of last season all seed stock is now grown on our farm.


This season we have grown 4 cultivars, two being soft necks, Italian Red and Melbourne Market, they are medium sized bulbs with a strong flavour and can store up to 7 month's. Our hard neck varieties are Early Purple and Flinders Island purple, these are larger bulbs with a mild but complex flavour. They store for approx 4 month's

We hope you enjoy our Garlic