Garlic Scapes are a delicacy and great to cook with. The Garlic scape if the umbel stork of the hard neck varieties Garlic plant and can be used like normal garlic. It can be chopped and added to stir fries, casseroles or any dish like normal Garlic. It makes a great pesto, can be pickled, or just used to garnish a salad. Or just add Olive oil and salt and either roast or pan fry. Garlic scapes are very versatile with great Garlic Flavour.


As scapes form two month's before garlic is harvested and ready, they allow you to get fresh garlic out of season. As most supermarket garlic is imported into Australia, we have missed out on this delicacy, as they have not imported the scapes as well.


Lucky there is some great growers in Australia now, so we should see more of this great food available.


Just Google Garlic Scape Reciepe's and you'll see what I mean.


Garlic Scapes - 250grms

    • Due to Bio-security laws, we are uable to ship to South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia